Time to make changes

Whether it’s too much gaming, the irresistible urge to keep internet shopping, the nagging desire for another cigarette or just any everyday activity which you want more control over, then hypnotherapy can help change your habits.

We are all creatures of habit to some degree, and habits serve a biological purpose to serve the need for survival and security by promising certain outcomes from familiar, repeated behaviour. But bad habits can also form to serve legitimate needs such as coping with stress, loss and coping mechanisms in general. And not all bad habits involve using physical substances or doing bodily harm. Procrastination, obsessive compulsive behaviour, and chronic, negative self-criticism are all examples of bad habits that do emotional harm and damage to self-esteem, whilst attempting to address legitimate needs such as staving off fear, preventing failure, or assuaging guilt.

Habits are built up in the subconscious and hypnotherapy is ideally suited to changing them, as hypnotherapy accesses and influences the subconscious mind in its most deeply relaxed state when it is most receptive to change. In this way hypnosis can start to replace the old behaviour with a new one, whilst still meeting the original need, without the negative and destructive consequences. Hypnotherapy will go further and seek to create an additional positive pay off outcome with the new behaviour, such as increased self-esteem or greater confidence.

To bring about this very real and achievable change through hypnotherapyyou must be ready to change. This is not about you being a person who needs to change, it’s about you being a person who wants to change and if you do: take time to take some time.

Fine-Tuning Performance

Performance Enhancement Hypnotherapy

Whether you want to increase your sports abilities or have sharper concentration in your next exam, or you wish to give a more compelling business presentation, hypnotherapy can empower you.

It’s not just for Sports People

If there's one thing you understand it's:Performance

If you are a sports person, an actor, a businessman - then you know all about performance. It might be shaving a half a second off your PB, maybe you are in season for 1-2 weeks as a power lifter at 1-3 reps @ 50% - 90% 1RM, or perhaps you are an actor about to tread the boards at The Garrick, or have a tricky recall in the West End. Perhaps you are doing the city rounds with your CFO in the City for an IPO.

If there's one thing I understand it's:Performance

I have worked with 4 Oscar winners, a World Champion boxer at his peak (37 fights/36wins/31 knockouts/1 loss), the Mayor of London (not Boris), the Rock Star who ‘stole’ Live Aid, Hollywood celebrities including Res Dogs ‘Mr White’, some of our most famous/fabulous stage actors, the 6th richest man in the world, the nephew Prince of the King of Saudi Arabia, leading businessmen and City financiers, CEO’s going public @ £25m plus. I am currently working with the leader of a South Pole expedition with 3 current Guinness world records. I have 20 years experience as a film director.

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