What Hypnotherapy isNOT

4 Things that hypnotherapy and hypnotic trance are NOT:

Hypnotherapy is not some deep, dark supernatural, mind control.

In fact, you are in complete control of your own mind at all times. Hypnotherapy will use trance to allow you to access your own mind, in particular the subconscious part.

Hypnotic trance is not a coma-like state which I may get trapped in.

In fact, we have all experienced hypnotic trance to some degree, that been a shift away from consciousness, towards subconsciousness. Ever driven somewhere but were unaware of the journey? Then you have experienced a form of light trance.

Hypnotic trance will force me to perform stupid, embarrassing acts that I will regret or never recollect.

In fact, hypnotherapy does nothing of the sort. It cannot force you to do anything you do not want to do and is distinct from some forms of stage hypnosis which you may have seen, in that it is first and foremost therapy in the best interests of the client. Additionally all hypnotherapists are bound by the Code of Ethics of each professional body they belong to.

Hypnotherapy will make me long-term dependent on my therapist and treatment will therefore be very expensive.

In fact, the ultimate aim of hypnotherapy is to teach you auto-hypnosis andbecome self-reliant. That, combined with the fact that hypnotherapy can often change behaviour without the lengthy analytical sessions that some other therapies may require means that hypnotherapy can be both effective and cost effective.

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