About The Hypnoclinic

The HypnoClinic offers all the things a client expects (results-driven, holistic and caring approach, but in many ways is very different to other hypnotherapy sources by offering:

* Highly individual and bespoke sessions tailored specifically to the client’sissues and background/personality.

* No more than 5 clients accepted at any one time to ensure personal service.

* Skype/text/email on going support available.

* Super creative, no nonsense approach to sessions

* Non catch-all, Jack-of-all-trades approach - instead sessions focussed on:



Teach a man toFish…

Ultimately the objective is to treat the client in the shortest, most effective and long-lasting way, whilst equipping the client to continue with the tools for ongoing self hypnosis.

Clinics in Shrewsbury and Central London.

Member of:
National Council of Psychotherapists

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Completely bespoke sessions tailored to your exact needs
On going support including phone/text and e-support
Free initial consultation

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